What's your brand?




How did it all start?

As a child I was always given a hair turban for Christmas - the annual stocking filler alongside the obligatory satsuma and gold chocolate coins. I've always taken their usefulness for granted, until I made a New Years resolution to start a business. I never aimed to quit the day job, but was interested in learning about all things 'start up'. It only dawned on me how great the hair turban is, when I kept getting asked from fellow gym goers, that took a liking to me flaunting my hairturban, where they could get one. Then and there I had the product idea, only we were going to make it better... microfibre material so it is quicker drying and a waterproof lined drawstring bag to pop it in after the gym.. and edgier urban branding to appeal to the active lifestyle of 21st century city dwellers.


What was the scariest thing about starting your own company

Seeing the first 30 boxes of stock arrive from China and the realisation that the hard work had only just started! 


What's the best thing about making your own product 

Receiving positive feedback from customers about how much they love their turban always brings a smile to our face. It's great to know we've created a lovable product. 


How dd you find your manufacturer, was it easy?

We were lucky enough to have connections with a supplier, god knows what we would have done without her!


What is quality for you?
Quality is creating a product that once acquired the owner can't live without. 


What brand are you loving at the moment and why?

Swell Bottle - they've mastered and monopolised the one product only business mentality with their awesome thermal drinks bottles

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