Hannah weiland

 Hannah weiland

What is Shrimps?

Shrimps is a British fashion label from the young London-based designer Hannah Weiland (me :) ), which launched in 2013. The brand takes inspiration from the witticisms of modern art and a playful engagement with pattern, texture and faux fur, a fabric which is at the heart of the brand. 


Describe Shrimps in 3 words

creative, colourful, unique


How did it all start?

It all started very organically with just one faux fur breton striped coat.. this coat essentially came before the brand and is what kick-started everything. I lent my first sample to Laura Bailey to wear to LFW in September 2013, she was chased down the street by Natalie Massanet who immediately placed an order for Net-a-porter. This funded my business and allowed me to hire my first employee. 


Whats the best thing about designing and making your own products?

I absolutely love designing, my favourite feeling is starting a new collection - i love researching and collecting all my inspiration images, and then seeing the final product as a result of this original research - its so fun. 


What's good design for you?

A unique idea executed in a beautiful way. 

Where do you get your stuff made?

We manufacture all over the world from the far east, to India and Europe. I have a wonderful product development manager who has been at Shrimps since the beginning, she helps me source fabric and find manufacturing partners. We have also found lots of partners at the PV fabric fair in Paris, it is on twice a year and  you can't miss it - it is essential for fabric sourcing! 


I think I can guess, but what's your favourite material? 

Faux fur of course! Its so versatile, holds colour extremely well and there are so many new techniques being developed all the time - the opportunities with faux fur is endless, it will always be the crux of my brand.


What brand is really killing it at the moment for you? 

 I love Simone rocha - she has the most beautiful creative vision, her brand is wearable, very desirable and commercial. 


What have you bought in the last year that you think will stand the test of time and you’ll still have in 5 years? 

All my Shrimps coats - i have hundreds now and wear them everyday.  


What does quality mean to you? Quality is very important, it is about attention to detail and pieces that will last. 


What's next for you?

I am designing more and more Ready To Wear which is a new area for Shrimps and has lots of exciting potential, i would also love to really concentrate on accessories and perhaps one day shoes!  

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Photo taken by Jess Gough