Tell us bit about you?


I'm a strategist at Mother London.  I live in a tiny flat in Brockley.


What are you wearing today?

Wearing Espirit x Opening Ceremony coat.  It’s massive and gingham.  Then I’m top to toe in black – cos polo neck, topshop long denim skirt and some new Nike Zoom Talaria.  They’re a bit weird.  They sort of look like walking boots.  And I haven’t figured out how to wear them yet.  But that’s kind of why I love them.


Do you still wear anything you were wearing 10 years ago?

A very small black leather paul & joe jacket my sister gave me.  The lining is in a proper state. And it’s too small to zip up.   But the cut and leather is so good I’m sure it upgrades every outfit I wear it with.  It’s been with me to house parties, weddings, massive presentations, interviews and funerals for the last 15 years.


What brand is killing it at the moment for you?

Aries makes me happy.  If I had more money I would buy everything Aries.


What is good design for you?

I quite like clean stuff.  Clean shape and style.  Or you can have a clean shape / messy style.  Or messy style / clean shape.  But never messy both.  That blows my mind


What's the best bit of design you've seen recently?

I bought some Wood Wood trousers yesterday.  Super tight up top. High waisted.  And then wide and short ish leg.  The confusing bit is the materials which is sort of wet look / shiny khaki.  They sort of manage to do that weird boy sexy look that – rightly or wrongly- I’ve been angling for my whole life.


What does quality mean to you?

Good material, well cut.  Lasts for as long as you want it to.


What do you feel is driving a growing interest from consumers in the provenance of their products seeking greater transparency from their brands?

I sort of think that weirdly trends start with food – the stuff we ingest which is arguably the most important.  Then they emanate outwards.  So we’re seeing almost like the foodification of skincare – it’s now about organic, home-made, probiotic etc.  I mean who would have thought.  And weirdly these trends will continue to extend into different categories.  So clothing, alcohol etc..  


Can conscious consumption happen when the default is to constantly refresh, renew and rejuvenate? 

I think conscious consumption is necessitated by the constant refresh and rejuvenate.  The good news is I think people see the world and their part within it much more holistically.  There’s a growing collective consciousness that seems to care more about each other generally.  So I don’t think you need to persuade people to care about it as much as you used to.  They will naturally buy into it.   And maybe you have a great product with the right values baked in from the get go.


Can you think of any brands that are doing transparency or telling the provenance story in an interesting way?

I think skincare is interesting because of the return to cottage industries.  Small little brands that are doing D.I.Y stuff.  So the transparency and provenance isn’t something they talk about, it’s just implicit within the business / brand.

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