Nichola Taylorson

 Nichola Taylorson

"I get my fabrics manufactured in India.  I found them through an extensive amount of research, it wasn’t easy"

What is your brand?

A furnishing fabric brand,  hand printed and embroidered in India by talented artisans.  Modern textiles, traditionally crafted.  


Describe your brand in 3 words?

Handmade - Bespoke - India 


What do you love most about designing and making?

I love it when an idea comes to life, I like to start off with discovering a process maybe an old traditional craft that has been used by artisans for years and then creating a modern design that compliments the craft.  I design on the computer first, but I always find it looks a bit flat on screen so I just love getting the first samples back, where I can see the grains in the fabric and the different textures.  I even love the imperfections, which is the charm that comes along with hand printing.     

Do you remember when you sold your first product and what that felt like?

My first bit of success is that I have just been contacted by an online homeware market and they was to represent 4 of my cushions, which felt absolutely amazing!  After all the hard work over the past year, there is an element of nerves thinking I hope this isn’t all a waste of time and I hope people actually want to buy my products.  So I can say I actually shrieked, and felt so happy that someone likes my cushions.  

What’s your favourite fabric ?
My favourite fabric has to be Linen, it has a great texture and falls really nicely.  Great for printing on with natural dyes.   

Where do you get your products manufactured and what has that been like?

I get my fabrics manufactured in India.  I found them through an extensive amount of research, it wasn’t easy,  but luckily I had a contact that introduced me to most of my manufactures and I think without this persons help I would have struggled a lot more and it would have taken me a lot longer to get to where I have currently got to with my business.  

What brand is killing it for you at the moment and why?

I love Walter-G textiles, a partnership of two Australian girls.  They are have a lovely brand and produce handprinted fabrics in India, I’m really inspired by them and their success.    

What’s next for you?

Planning a trip back out to India in the spring to develop my colour ways and begin the concepts for a new collection.  I plan to branch out and sell my fabrics by the meter, which will be quite different to selling products.  

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