How it works

Supplycompass puts you in control of your production supply chain by giving you the tools you need to drive the process from start to finish.

A standard production timeline would look something like this, although it can be shorter or longer depending on your product.

How it work

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Create tech packs for your products

Create tech packs for your products

Record all your design and production information in one place with our easy to use tech pack creator

Get matched and get initial estimates

We will match you with the Supplycompass manufacturing partner that best meets your requirements and negotiate competitive unit rates on your behalf.

You can get to know your manufacturer through our manufacturer profiles.


Once your tech pack is approved you can request samples and provide feedback via the platform.

Organise Production

Finalise your tech packs, sign off pre production samples, request testing, raise purchase orders, organise 3rd party QC, organise logistics and enter into production.


Organise delivery details for your shipment

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Additional services

Prototyping and Design

If you are in the early stages of design development and need help developing your ideas we can help.

Technical Drawings

We have partners who can produce technical drawings for your products to use in your tech packs

Materials and Product Testing

Our testing partners can test your products to ensure the required standards are being met.

Fabric Sourcing

We have a network of mills and sourcing partners that can help you find or develop specialist fabrics for your products

Quality Control

If you want addition 3rd party quality control during production this can be organised with our inspection partner

Documenting your supply chain

Add value to your offering by documenting the production of your products through film and photo.