Hopps and Woolf

Hopps and Woolf

What is your brand?

Hopps & Woolf - a nut milk maker


How did it all start?

At University with a friend out of the back of a small entrepreneurial course I had signed up for as part of my Civil Engineering degree. I have always been interested in food. Both from a nutritional point of view, but also in terms of sustainability and understanding how the world is actually fed.


What was the scariest thing about starting your own company?

Not earning any money and taking out a loan! But given that it was out of university we didn't really have as much at stake and were quite ignorant! It was perhaps a blessing in disguise...


Whats the best thing about making your own product?

Satisfaction of bringing something together that you have a real (and significant) vested interest in. Overcoming all the hurdles and finally holding something physical, functional (and hopefully good looking) in your hands is very rewarding.


How did you find a manufacturer for your product? Was it easy?

We emailed as many manufacturers as possible (Alibaba). Visited China and the factories and met the owners. Got prototypes from different companies and made a choice based off who was the most willing to help us out.


What is quality for you?

Delivering what you expect (I suppose what you ask for, but also going the extra mile to offer advice and help the design process) on time and for the cost you had agreed!


What brand are you loving at the moment and why?

God, I don't know. I just bought a car I'm very much in love with. But they weren’t the best to deal with as it arrived months late. Sticking with the Kitchen Appliance theme (Hopps and Woolf milk maker) I do absolutely love the Wolf / Sub Zero appliances. They are outrageously expensive though...

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