Flora Head shot


Co-Founder, MUMBAI

Where do you live?

Between London & Mumbai 


What were you doing before?

I lived in Paris working in advertising and fashion and then spent 3 years in London working for Flamingo, a strategic brand consultancy. I learnt to use ethnographic market research techniques to better understand consumer behaviour across the globe. On moving to Mumbai I did a textiles course to learn about fabric and different dyeing, printing and embroidery techniques. I then launched a unisex shirt label called Badger Badger before joining Supplycompass.


What's good design for you?

Emotionally durable design; products that retain their meaning even as our tastes, behaviour and habits evolve. Design that helps build lasting relations between us and the products we buy. 


Favourite brand?
Veja - for making extremely cool sneaks that are made of organic cotton and wild rubber



Favourite place to spend an afternoon in Mumbai

Oshiwara furniture market or Mangaldas fabric market, it's always hot and packed with women buying luxurious fabric. It looks like chaos but there is distinct order and everyone who works there knows their stuff.


What have you learnt from living in India?

That business works based on personal relationships, once you meet people who understand you and who you trust, it's great. I've learnt  that there‚Äôs never an easy solution to problems and that nothing ever turns out how you expect. I've learnt when to be patient and when to push to the front of the queue. It's hectic and disordered but everyone is an entrepreneur here with several businesses and side hustles. The people I've met along the way have taught me to be resourceful and to live in the moment.

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