What is Fentiman Design?

It's my Interior Design Studio based in West London. 


How did you get into it? 

I wanted a career that would challenge me creatively as well as test my business skills, so once I had completed my degree in History of Art and Spanish I went on to KLC school of Design for a year. I then did some great internships in various parts of the industry before settling into Interior Design full time. Given my love of art and design it was the obvious choice for me. 


What do you like most about it?

Everything really. I suppose what I like the most is completing a job, there's nothing quite like the gratification of seeing all your hard work, often over a number of years, come together successfully and to the satisfaction of the client. 


What's your favourite room in a house?

I hate choosing favourites, but I think I'd go for a really beautifully designed open plan kitchen and living space. On a personal level because I love cooking and entertaining, and from a design perspective it's a fun challenge to create a space that functions well, but also looks fantastic.


Which one of these would you most like to live in: a lake cabin, a house boat or a giant tipi? Why?

Provided I could move it around, I think I'd have to go for a house boat so I could live in the city and get my fix of country living every once in a while. I also think it would be great fun to design one.


What the coolest space you’ve ever seen? Why?

Oh my goodness, that's the hardest question yet! I do really love Punta della Dogana, it was originally the customs house in Venice which was transformed into a contemporary art gallery by the architect Tadao Ando. It's truly a master class in sympathetic restoration and innovative contemporary architecture. The art it houses is usually pretty phenomenal too. 


What's the best thing about running your own company? 

The creative freedom it allows and being in charge of my own time. It's not always easy being your own boss, but as far as I'm concerned those two points make it worthwhile.  


What's your favourite material? 

Linen, I think. It's so versatile and comes in a multitude of different weights, colours and textures. It's probably the only fabric you could use for an entire project and not end up with a totally flat scheme. 


What are the best new interiors brands you've discovered recently?

I suppose neither of them are that new anymore, but two brands that I really admire are Fermoie and The New Craftsmen. They both champion values that I strongly believe in.  


What have you bought in the last year that you think will stand the test of time and you’ll still have in 5 years?

I recently found a really beautifully proportioned mid-century G Plan chest of drawers. It’s in great condition and has stood the test of time so far, so I imagine I'll have it for a while yet.


What is good design for you?

Good design is original and functional, as well as looking great. I get incredibly frustrated with design that doesn't work, what's the point in having a beautiful bathroom if there is no storage or the shower controls are in the wrong position?! It really drives me mad. 


What does quality mean for you?

Quality is something that is beautifully made out of the very best materials. It is designed to last. 


What's next for you?

I just plan to carry on designing and expanding Fentiman Design. I have quite a few projects on the go, three that I'm particularly excited about are due to complete this year. Aside from that, a boutique hotel and a chalet are both on my project wish list at the moment, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

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