Emily mortimer JEWELLERY

Emily mortimer JEWELLERY

How would you describe your brand?

Fun, fresh and colourful


When did you start it?

September 2015

What did you do before this?

I was designing for a big jewellery brand in London


How did you get into jewellery?

I used to own a life size jewellery stand which was covered in jewellery of every shape and colour imaginable. Jewellery was and still is my weakness.

What is it you love most about the process of designing and making?

The satisfaction you feel when you see a finished product and it is better than you had expected is an incredible feeling.

What brands are killing it at the moment?

Rae Feather and Sophia Webster are nailing it, personalisation and colour are the way forward.



What have you bought in the last year that you think will stand the test of time and you’ll still have in 5 years?

I treated myself to gold and pave diamond ring for Christmas. All jewellery should stand the test of time if it is good quality and treated with care.


What was the very first product you sold, can you remember what that felt like? 

It was a pair of my Wanderlust Gold Lemon Quartz Earrings. I sold them at my launch to a great friend of mine. When I see friends, family and complete strangers putting a piece of my jewellery on and falling in love, it is the best feeling ever.


What’s your favourite fabric / material / metal and why?

I always think gold works with every colour gemstone but then occasionally a new colour combination will arrive in silver or rose gold and I can't stop wearing it!


Where do you get your jewelry made, how did you find them? How do you find working with them?

My jewellery is made at my workshop in Mumbai, India. My team there have made everything seem so easy, they source gemstones, diamonds and materials for me, which enables my designs to come together effortlessly. 


Do you find your consumers are interested to know about where / how your products are made? 

I think my customers are more interested in the quality and price of an item. I want to give them affordable luxury and having my pieces made in India enables me to do this.


What’s next for you?

To say yes to every opportunity, to find some stockists in the UK and to ship internationally!


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