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5 innovative and sustainable packaging solutions [2018 Update]

The 5 most innovative packaging solutions of 2018

15 October 2018

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Written by Hannah Badminton, Project Manager at Supplycompass. 

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The environmentally harmful effects of packaging have gained increasing attention over the last few years in an industry continuously adapting to advances in sustainability. Brands of all sizes are working towards the reduction of its use in fashion’s global supply chains. Large retailers, including Zara and ASOS, now exclusively work with recycled materials and have invested millions streamlining delivery processes to reduce waste and environmental impact.


Conscious consumers are more savvy than ever to environmental issues, asking more questions about material’s provenance and plans for its end-of life, than ever before. Innovators in the packaging world use Life Cycle Assessments and Life Cycle Thinking (environmental management tools) to assess the overall environmental performance of products whole life cycle, from cradle to grave, to create truly sustainable packaging.


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It’s not only global retailers that are considering the impact of their packaging on the environment, further back in the supply chain factories are taking note too. Tonle, a zero-waste factory based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia uses the tiny fabric scraps, threads and cutting floor waste to create the handmade paper used for their packaging.


Pactics, an SA8000 certified factory also in Cambodia offers socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer specialising in microfibre packaging. Sustainability is at the heart of their business starting with their purpose built factory which is solar powered, has a rainwater purification system and scrap projects with local NGOs to minimise waste.


Sustainable packing can be more affordable!

Choosing a sustainable option is not only better for the planet, it could be better for your pocket. A reduction in packaging means less weight and cheaper shipping costs whilst winning the the respect of your conscious customers.


The top 5 most innovative and sustainable packaging solution


At Supplycompass we understand the importance of expressing your brand’s identity through every aspect of your business, from marketing through to the materials used to protect your products. So, we’ve found the top 5 innovative, sustainable packaging solutions this year that your company could adapt into their business model!


1. Repack - Reusable Mail Bags


RePack’s ‘simple, sexy and sustainable’ products have disrupted the industry and are starting to change the way online retailers deliver products for good. The reusable, returnable packaging, that lasts up to 20 cycles, allows customers to post the packaging back for free from anywhere in the world. For every RePack return, there is a reward or an incentive attached, with up to 60% of vouchers offered being claimed. A perfect example of how to increase brand loyalty and involve your customer in the journey towards sustainability.






2. Hinoki - Grow / Nine

Hinoki is a conceptual range of travel sized packaging made out of biodegradable paper for organic skin care products. Each container uses a single piece of laminated paper that is folded and presses into shape, a tear off corner reveals a Hinoki wood twist cap. 

The Swedish company, a recently merged design agency and consultancy firm, are even developing a bio based paper bottle solution to traditional plastic bottles. 




3. Duo UK - Sugarcane Bags

Womenswear retailer Pink Boutique recently collaborated with UK packaging supplier Duo UK to completely end their use of conventional polythene mailing bags in favour of a sugarcane biopolymer alternative, known as GreenPE. The bags are 100% biodegradable and made from a water efficient crop that captures and stores the atmosphere’s CO2 as it grows, making it carbon-negative.



4. Sweetair - Actionpoint

For customers who need a bit more protection during their shipping, UK based packaging solutions company Actionpoint have developed air pillows made from 94% bioplastic. The sustainable, recyclable and carbon reducing air pillow system is made from plant, mainly sugarcane, in a process which is fuelled by self-sufficient bio-electricity. This 100% recyclable product is set to change the way we think about plastic air pillows and void-fill.



5. El Rhino - Dung Paper

Dung Paper is the brilliantly creative packaging developed by El Rhino. Made from rhino and elephant dung along with other forest waste, they produce high quality hand crafted paper which is free of trees and harmful chemicals. Purchasing the paper encourages sustainable development in the Assam region of India and connects the wellbeing of endangered animals with the welfare of local communities.

El Rhino can create bespoke, printed packaging and labels for brands supports the conservation of connects the wellbeing of these endangered animals with the welfare of local communities.



At Supplycompass we offer eco alternatives such as biodegradable imitation poly bags and recycled packaging materials as standard. To find out more visit..


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