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Why Are Technical Flats Important?

Why Are Technical Flats Important For Tech Packs?

31 May 2018

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All drawings created by a Supplycompass partner, get in touch with us to be put in contact

What is a technical flat?

Technical flats are drawings that visually communicate your products and design details to your factory. Before creating tech packs and starting sampling with your manufacturer, you need to draw up technical flats. Accurate, detailed and well-executed technical flats are key for creating a quality tech pack and help ensure your products are made exactly how you had envisaged. 


"If you create great flats, your manufacturer is more likely to

get it right first time, saving you from disappointment,

more rounds of sampling and delays."


Why are flats important?

They are integral for communicating designs to your pattern maker. If you create great flats at the start, your pattern maker and sampling team will be much more likely to get your prototypes right first time; saving you from disappointment, more rounds of sampling and delays.


You might have a very clear idea of what your designs look like in your head but you need to bring these ideas to paper. When working with manufacturers, pictures really can speak a thousand words. With garment production, visual explanations, supported by detailed measurements, are the most effective way to communicate product details.



All drawings created by a Supplycompass partner, get in touch with us to be put in contact

Fashion sketches vs. flats 

Fashion sketches have a very different purpose to flats. Fashion sketches show a mood and give an artist's impression of what a garment looks like, how it sits on the body and how it falls. Flats show the important details needed to make the garment, such as proportions, shape, stitching, and design details.



Fashion sketches created by a Supplycompass partner, get in touch with us to be put in contact


Top tips for technical flats 

 It’s all in the details

Your manufacturer needs to know about every single detail and component that makes up your product. Your main flats will show your products in their entirety, but create additional flats that include close ups of details such as stitch styles, hems, darts, fastenings, pleats, collar detailing, plackets, cuffs, pocket styles and seams. It can be a fine balance between overcomplicating your sketches and not giving enough detail, but more detail is better!

Show all angles

For some products a front and back view will suffice, but for products like bags, shoes and furniture you will need to show more angles. If you are designing a wallet, for example, in addition to a flat showing the front and back you will also need to show your manufacturer the sides, a close up of the zip and a view of the inside. 

How to create your own flats

Adobe illustrator is the program of choice for many fashion designers, created using fine black lines. You can add shading, colour and event add print designs too. Adobe illustrator is great because you can create vector sketches and easily make modifications.


It might take you time in the beginning to accurate create your flats, but it will save you time and money in the end.


At Supplycompass we have partners who can create technical flats for you. Get in touch today!

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