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Sustainable Supper Club

Sustainable supper club

10 May 2018

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omved-gardens-sustainable-supper-clubThe unique setting of OmVed Gardens. Photo taken by Olivia Thompson  

In support of the World Food program, Supplycompass collaborated with culinary queens Dinner Ladies, to host ‘The Wasted Supper Club’ at OmVed Gardens. The theme of the evening was sustainability across food and fashion, with a focus on waste.


sustainable-supper-club-table-decorationTables adorned with grass and foliage. Photo taken by Olivia Thompson

The premise was that one person's waste can be another person's treasure. Guests were told to bring along unwanted clothing for a clothes swap, along with ingredients close to their sell by date. Whilst Dinner Ladies whipped up a medley of unwanted food into a delicious meal, people perused the rails of clothing brought in by fellow guests. 


chefs-sustainable-supper-clubThe Dinner Ladies in action. Photo taken by Olivia Thompson

The evening took place in OmVed in Highgate, a unique space for food, art, and mindfulness that celebrates creativity and sharing of ideas within the world of food. We had some very happy guests leaving with some amazing new treasures, and a very full belly. We loved being part of this incredible evening, and already can’t wait till the next.




Clothes swap. Photo taken by Olivia Thompson


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