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Supplycompass at the Future Fabrics Expo

Sustainable Fabrics - A round up of the Sustainable Fabrics Expo

3 May 2018

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7th Future Fabrics Expo 24th - 25th Janaury 2018


The 7th Future Fabrics Expo

Supplycompass was fortunate to be asked to be part of the Future Fabrics Expo by The Sustainable Angle. We were surrounded by rails and rails of the most sustainable fabrics from around the world. Over the course of two days Supplycompass met a whole host of people, from material suppliers and textile innovators, to independent fashion designers and high street brands. We were excited to meet so many likeminded people in search of better, more responsible ways of sourcing and manufacturing their products. We discovered a whole host of new and unusual materials; leather made from mushrooms and fabrics made from salmon skin and orange peel fibre, to name a few.


biodegradeable-sequins-future-fabrics-expo (1)


The most intriguing innovation was a post carbon material that absorbs CO2 using algae cultures mixed with fibres. It was invented by Dianjen, an MA fashion futures student from the London College of Fashion. Initial results have shown one t-shirt to produce 4% more oxygen than generated by one tree. If you are looking to explore new fabric innovations and more sustainable alternatives, The Sustainable Angle also run some great workshops, and advisory services.





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