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Good on You: The app making ethical shopping easier

Read about how GoodOnYou - the trusted ethical ratings app, helps you make the right buying decisions from the palm of your hand.

23 February 2018

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“Trusted ethical ratings in the palm of your hand.”

The fashion industry can be paradoxical at times where in order to make great products, unethical and unsustainable practices are used. At a time when the consequences of these poor practices are being observed in the environment as well as in human rights cases, there isn’t a better time to find better ways to source and buy ethically made, sustainable clothing.


While here at Supplycompass we promote ethical practices and sustainability at the source of the supply, an app we should all have on our phones that enables users to make ethical choices in real time while shopping is Good On You.

Good On You is an ethical fashion app that in addition to allowing users to discover brands that match their preferences for style, enables users to make more informed purchases by providing them with trusted information for over 1,200 fashion brands. A user can search for brands that share their values and concerns, and can discover the truth about how these brands produce their products, treat their workers and treat the environment.
Good On you conveniently puts all of this information together to create an overall rating for the brand, allowing you to see which brands are doing more to make a positive impact in the world. Through the app users also have the ability to voice their opinions and feedback to the companies and brands that they purchase clothing from, enabling consumers to create change and have an influence on how affluent brands conduct business.

Founded in Australia in 2015 by Gordon Renouf, Sandra Capponi, and Fayçal Fassi-Fihri, Good On You has grown substantially in the past few years with over 110,000 downloads across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

“Our vision is for a world where consumer choices drive brands to be sustainable and fair. We know that most people care about doing the right thing by the planet, other people, and animals  — provided their own legitimate needs are met. We empower people to easily take account of the issues they care about when they shop. People want access to easy to use, ethical information when they are shopping — whether online or in store. They also want to discover new brands that are doing things in a more sustainable way.” — Gordon Renouf

Co-Founder Sandra Capponi came from a unique background that provided her with a different perspective and skill set while creating Good On You.

“I spent many years working in the corporate sector, trying push the social responsibility of businesses from within. But more recently I started to think about the responsibility I have as an individual, and the power that each of us has to change things for the better just by the everyday choices we make — including the clothes we buy.”  Sandra Capponi

Making the move from working in the corporate sector to co-founding a startup dedicated to flipping the fashion industry on its head is a huge jump. It was after learning about the harsh realities some workers in the fashion industry endure that Sandra decided to make the move.

“After all that time at work trying to change the role of corporates, I was having more thoughts about my role as an individual, and the power that each of us has to change things for the better by the everyday choices that we make. I started to think about the food that I eat and the clothes that I wear, and I started hearing about some of the human rights issues behind the scenes of some of the major fashion labels. Then, in 2013, when I heard about the Rana Plaza collapse (which killed over 1000 garment factory workers in Bangladesh), I really paid attention.” — Sandra Capponi


There are many issues that workers in the fashion industry face, which are still prevalent today because companies in the fashion industry are not properly monitored and held responsible for their actions. Through our efforts here at Supplycompass and at companies like Good on You pressure will be put on the industry to change and evolve until new controls and ethics standards are adopted across the industry. This movement starts with consumers deciding that they care and then taking action. More than ever, consumers and individuals have an opportunity to make large companies aware of their responsibility to make ethical decisions when sourcing and developing products.

“Many people act passively and think it is up to the big organizations and the regulators and the governments to change things for the better. But there’s something incredibly positive and empowering in the idea that, not only do we have a responsibility, but we have the power to change things as individuals. And for all the people that are happy to sit back, there’s just as many of us who want to use that power to stand up for what we think is right.” — Sandra Capponi

Supplycompass are pleased the way Good on You are making consumers more conscious about their buying decisions by providing them with the information they need. While the fashion industry still has a lot of work to do to ensure that human rights and environmental implications are being considered throughout the production process, it is great to see the tides changing due to the work companies like Good On You are doing - making it their mission to ensure that consumers are better informed and know the truth about how brands create their clothing. Hopefully due to their efforts, thinking about ethics and sustainability while shopping becomes the norm for all consumers.

“Many of the important social and environmental problems of the world today are ultimately driven by our shopping choices. What gets made and sold in large quantities is determined by whether or not we as consumers want to buy. When we empower shoppers to act on their values, we can influence what gets bought and so ultimately the way our clothes are made.” — Gordon Renouf

Here at Supplycompass we hope that examples like Good on You further inspire you to design, produce, and buy clothes that are better made, better for the environment, provide better opportunities for workers and are overall, better for you.


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