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Manufacturing Certifications: What is SA8000?

January 18, 2018 | Supplycompass

Manufacturing Certifications: What is SA8000?

Knowing what certifications mean is very important when choosing a supplier for your brand

The SA8000 standard has a reputation for integrity in manufacturing and supply. It also has considerable value to provide both buyers and producers, and is therefore worth having an understanding of.

Here are the basics:

  • SA8000 is a voluntary social-certification standard.

  • The standard is globally applicable and oriented towards factories and organisations.

  • The standard addresses eight key elements of workplace social accountability, and integrates them into a continuous improvement management system.

  • The elements addressed are:

Child labour
Forced or compulsory labour
Health and safety
Freedom of association & right to collective bargaining
Disciplinary practices
Working hours

Important Points of this manufacturing certification:

  • As SA8000 is a voluntary certifiable standard, manufacturers must have their compliance certified by an accredited third party. However, only certification bodies which have been accredited by the SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) may issue certifications to SA8000. Manufacturers who are in compliance to the standard, but not certified, may not make use of the logo or name.

  • SA8000 certifications are not consumer facing, and therefore aren’t permitted on packaging or labelling. They are intended instead for brands and purchasers to have confidence in a supplier’s social accountability. If retailers want to promote their use of SA8000 certified manufacturers, they must not imply that the product itself is SA8000 certified.

What the SA8000 certification offers:

Manufacturer's certified to SA8000 can benefit substantially through the streamlining and accountability generated by the implementation process.

As supply chain integrity and transparency become increasingly important to consumers, confidence in manufacturers is becoming imperative for brands. When sourcing from an SA8000 certified factory, brands can benefit from heightened supply chain sustainability, reduced supply risk, and increased stakeholder satisfaction.

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