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Supplycompass Event - Sourcing. Sampling. Manufacturing -27th September 2017

October 2, 2017 | Aoife Kenny - Supplycompass

Is it better to make my products In the UK, or abroad?

Is it better to make my products In the UK, or abroad?

A question often asked by brands and one that we at Supplycompass HQ find fascinating. In an attempt to try to shed some light on this topic we decided to discuss it at our Sourcing. Sampling. Manufacturing event.

To do this we invited four amazing speakers to our London space to give talks on how they approach sourcing, sampling and manufacturing for their business and to reflect on their experiences.

Our incredible speakers for the event were:

Sarah Buchanan - Founder and Designer of Bonnie Fechter. A London brand producing and sourcing exclusive capsule collections entirely in the UK.

Morvarid Sahafi - Founder and Designer of Morv London. A London based brand inspiring a sense of female identity with high end ready to wear, and bespoke fashion produced in India.

Karyna Sukha - Founder of Fabric London. A fashion sampling and small order studio in London producing high quality garments.

John Wilson - Founder of Supplycompass. Paring you with your perfect manufacturing partner in both the UK, and abroad, with a strong focus on India and Sri Lanka.

We had a wonderful evening, and learnt lots and lots. We particularly loved the fascinating questions posed by the audience during our question panel.

Some highlights from the talks were:

Some highlights from the talks
  • All speakers outlining the importance of building great relationships between brand and manufacturer with mutual respect. With emphasis on only working with people who share your vision.
  • with people who share your vision. It's good to trial your suppliers initially for your first collection, and then focus designing your next collection around the suppliers who are the best to work with.
  • Always booking in your time slot with your manufacturer well in advance so they can meet your production needs
  • Organisation, and a well filled out tech pack including all information is key to successful production.
  • Smaller orders, and sampling is best to do in the UK for UK brands as it will save you time and money having you close by to make design amendments.
  • When manufacturing abroad, it's best to pick up the phone and build a more personal relationship rather than solely rely on emails.

We are really looking forward to the next event already!

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Tags: manufacturing Fashion overseas manufacturing local manufacturing UK brands