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Supplycompass @ Future Fabrics Expo

Supplycompass are exhibiting at the Future Fabrics Expo from the 24th-25th January 2019 from 9am - 6pm.

11 January 2019

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Supplycompass will be exhibiting at The Sustainable Angle’s 8th Future Fabrics Expo (FFE)

Come along and see us!

Dates & Times: 24-25 January 2019, 9am - 6pm

 Address: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, Southampton Row entrance, London WC1B 4DA


Read on to learn more about it and find out what's on...




The Future Fabrics Expo is the largest dedicated showcase of commercially-available fabrics and materials with a lower environmental footprint offering innovative sustainable solutions for fashion. The upcoming expo will showcase the whole journey from fiber to garment. This new inclusive format is in line with our ongoing vision for a fashion industry where creativity and designing for sustainability contributes positively to our environment and communities.

The Sustainable Angle, a Swiss not-for-profit organization, has been actively supporting the fashion industries since 2010, by providing designers and creatives with access to thousands of curated sustainable materials, while delivering educational information about fashion’s impact on the planet but more importantly, about the solutions and how they are more sustainable.

The upcoming 8th Future Fabrics Expo will:

  • Showcase thousands of fabrics and leathers with a reduced environmental footprint, that are produced more sustainably, responsibly and are commercially available
  • Feature an Innovation Hub, showcasing emerging innovations and technologies with great potential to re-shape the fashion industry in the material space, including a collaboration with Fashion for Good’s Plug-and-Play Accelerator Programme. From biodegradable sequins, algae-derived textiles, biodegradable glitter, recycled leather, to innovative dyeing / finishing technologies and materials designed for circularity, attendees can discover cutting-edge material solutions that inspire and motivate for change
  • Present a dozen best-practice exhibitors and manufacturers in their own individual booths
  • Feature two areas with fashion brands integrating sustainability at the core of their businesses, one curated by Arizona Muse and Rebecca Corbyn-Murray’s RMC Studio, and one sponsored by Lenzing Group.
  • Display educational background information alongside the thousands of materials, to facilitate informed decision-making and practices within the industry and promote a diverse material future. Each material is individually labelled with sustainability information, its environmental certifications and contact details of suppliers.

The materials at the Future Fabrics Expo are selected by environmental criteria that were set out with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (London College of Fashion) during its inception in 2010 — water, waste, energy and biodiversity.

A digital installation co-created with the award-winning augmented reality agency, Holition, will be shown at the front entrance of FFE at Victoria House facing the busy Southampton Row street. The eye-catching installation will communicate to consumers the impact of the fashion industry on nature as well as the solutions and opportunities that exist.



  • Materials on show will include regenerated cellulosics such as Tencel TM by Lenzing Group; recycled natural and synthetic fabrics, such as Hallotex’s The Loop collection; organic cotton knits and wovens; sustainable denims; low impact wool, silks, leathers and alternatives; sustainable natural fibres such as linens and hemps.
  • These materials represent true alternatives to conventional fabrics: procured from sustainable raw materials and produced with low impact processing technologies, designed with a material’s end-of-life taken into account.

The popular seminar programme will return and run alongside the expo throughout both days, featuring speakers from some of the most influential organisations in sustainable textiles and fashion. Speakers and panel discussions will be introduced by Arizona Muse, model and sustainability campaigner, and Bel Jacobs, ethical fashion journalist and former fashion editor for Metro.


24th January 2019:

  • Dilys Williams, Director, Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion
  • Krishna Manda, Senior Manager in Sustainability Integration, Lenzing Group
  • Seminar panel on recycling, Besim Özek, Director ofBossa Denim and Hideaki Nakano, Chief Clerk of Toyoshima
  • Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, Centre for Fashion Enterprise,in conversation with Emma Scarf, Ventures Analyst, Fashion for Good’s Plug and Play Accelerator
  • Orsola de Castro,Co-Founder of Fashion Revolution in conversation with Claire Bergkamp, Global Director of Sustainability and Innovation, Stella McCartney
  • Edwina Ehrman, Curator, Victora & Albert Museum’s Fashioned From Nature in conversation withBen Gleisner, Co-Founder, Connecting Good (CoGo) and Conscious Consumer Guide 

    25th January 2019: 
  • Michael Kininmonth, Senior Project Manager for Denim, Lenzing Group on the microplastics problem in fashion
  • Tiziano Guardini, Designer, in conversation with Arizona Muse, model and sustainability campaigner
  • Lukas Fuchs, Research Analyst for Make Fashion Circular, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    followed by a conversation with Sergi Massip,Sustainable Development, Hallotex, on circular fashion in practice from the perspective of a supplier
  • Seminar panel on innovations: Nova Kaeru and Beyond Surface Technologies
  • Panel discussion about the realities of producing materials in China: Shokay and Advance Denim
  • Amanda Johnston, Curator, The Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo, giving a lecture to students

 We look forward to seeing you there!




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