What do you do?

I'm a fashion stylist


What do you like most about being a stylist?

Getting to be creative everyday whilst working with incredibly talented people.


What makes you really want to use a piece of clothing for your

The quality is super important, everything has to look good
at all angles when styling someone for the red carpet. The finishings
are just as important as the fabric.


What’s the most unusual piece you’ve ever picked for someone?

I once put a music client in a fishtail dress made from surgeons face marks. It sounds bad but actually looked good, the client had a pretty out there style so pulled it off amazingly!


How do you think we can get people to care more about where their clothes are made?

The times are definitely changing and the bigger brands are starting to care more about it so I think this will help.There needs to be a platform to help designers in the middle and lower price bracket find affordable and humane outlets for creating quality that doesn't have to be made in huge quantities. Fast and affordable fashion should also come from a good source.

What brands are you loving at the moment and why?

I've always loved Balenciaga, Acne and Celine for their clean lines, attention to subtle details and structured fabrics. There are some great brands coming through who are much more affordable and doing similar things like Solace, Charlie May, The Finery and Toga.

What does quality mean for you? 

Something that keeps its shape and structure after 10 wears. I like classic pieces I can wear over and over again so this is really important to me.

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