Create tech packs for your products, get matched with the best manufacturers and manage production from design to delivery

Established Partnerships

We visit every manufacturer before we represent them and only pick the best to join our growing network. We build personal relationships with them and match brands with the manufacturers who are the right fit for their business so long-lasting partnerships can be formed.

Tech Enabled

Our tech makes manufacturing products more efficient and structured. Create tech packs in minutes with our easy to use tech pack creator that helps draw out all of the information your manufacturer will need for production.

Make Responsibly

We are committed to helping both brands and manufacturers work more responsibly, putting trust and transparency at the core of every partnership. We work tirelessly with both brands and manufacturers to embed good practices.

As seen in:

Your Production Management Dashboard

Supplycompass puts you in control of your production supply chain, allowing you to drive the process from start to finish. All of your production needs can be managed from one central dashboard.

Your Production Management Dashboard
Create and modify tech packs
Manage multiple products and factories
Request and manage samples
Coordinate production and delivery

Our Manufacturing Partners

Clothing Manufacturer
Technical Garment Manufacturers
Furniture Manufacturers
Jewellery Manufacturers
Packaging Manufacturers
Accessories Manufacturers
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We personally visit and build relationships with every manufacturer we represent

Our partners have made for:

Our Manufacturer Profiles

We create detailed and engaging profiles about our manufacturers so that brands know how and where their products are made — building greater trust and transparency into the supply chain.

Supplycompass badges highlighting their strengths
Impartial information on who they are, what they do and what certifications they hold
Summary of capabilities, previous products and client reviews
Supplycompass badges highlighting their strengths
Videos and photos inside the factory showing who you will be working with
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Certifications held by our manufacturers:

Tech Pack Creator

Tech Pack Creator

Easily create tech packs

Create full product specifications in a matter of minutes


Make changes quickly and easily and submit to your manufacturer


Review and manage all product information from one place



Request samples

Submit all types of sample request to your
manufacturer with your tech pack

Review samples

Systematic storage of the samples you have requested
with your manufacturer

Give structured feedback

Update your tech packs and request new samples with
feedback for your manufacturer

Production Management

Production Management

Monitor progress

Track your production via the production timeline

Manage different projects

Work on different projects with different manufacturers at the same time

Coordinate production

Smoothly take your projects from design to delivery

Why Supplycompass?

Why Supplycompass?

Your manufacturer is your most important business partner so it is important you build a relationship with them. Supplycompass allows you to drive the process from design through to delivery whilst providing the framework and help you need.


Supplycompass combines the expertise and efficiency of traditional agents whilst offering brands more transparency and greater control throughout the process. Based in the UK and Asia, Supplycompass is perfectly placed to cater to the needs of European brands who are looking for a robust supply chain solution.

Suitable for all sizes

Our platform is a flexible solution for brands of all sizes.
Whether you are a large retailer looking for clothing manufacturers in India, a drinks company looking for bottle manufacturers in Europe or a start up looking for swimwear manufacturers in Sri Lanka Supplycompass has you covered.​

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